It’s not quite perfect, but check out some videos of what we made (they might take a while to load) here: something planar and best of all, double helix / double rainbow.

Random floating dots.

There are a lot of interface improvements we could make, but the basic 3D system is set up! One big oversight is that you can only see about half of an image because even though we used plexiglas posts, we didn’t account for the thickness of the LED itself dimming the light. Using a modified version of the same GUI as we used in the 2D system, you can draw and upload what you want to add on the display. While we took off the outer LED post that we were using for the 2D system to improve visibility, the PIC and the GUI are set up so that the 2D and 3D systems are interchangeable. To read more about the firmware changes, read here.